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The Soulful Voice Institute was founded in 2018 by Sawsan Albahiti, the first Saudi opera singer & voice teacher.

The institute offers a high standard technical voice training and coaching in different genres. We focus on vocal health, strength and technique. 

We offer our services to students of all ages; as long as you have a passion for singing! We believe anyone can sing; if they have the right training their voice will have the right fitness to produce a soulful voice. 

Founder & practicing voice teacher

She was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She has discovered the magical world of music from the early age of 6 years old, when she was self taught in playing the guitar. She has developed her vocal skills with the songs she would play from different genres. In 2008 during her study at The American University of Sharjah, majoring in advertising, she discovered her potential as an opera singer and started her training. She is now a mega soprano and has recently launched her career as a professional Saudi opera singer and the first of her kind.

With her long and diverse experience in singing, she became curious about vocal technique and what makes the voice work in different ways; specially during her training as an opera singer, and she decided to gain proper knowledge and method on training the singing voice for different genres to become a certified voice teacher in her country. She loves training other singers and enjoys the amazing positive effects it has on the individual; both to their voice and their personal state, and she is excited to be the first Saudi voice teacher in her country and in the NYVC Alumni group.

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